Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything

Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything
by Chelsea H. Rowe, illustrated by Frank Dormer
Peachtree Publishers, 2018

After a few slow pages of listing words, the story picked up when Ebenezer opened up a “word” stand (he couldn’t give away words), bought a goldfish named Arty (short for Carassius uratus) and went on a catastrophic field trip (where everything that could go wrong, did).  Then he met Fitzgerald.  He had a collection of ideas.  Soon, Ebenezer provided words for Fitzgerald’s ideas and the two became inseparable, like Q and U. They made up stories and acted them out on the playground. Everyone loved them.  Ebenezer and Fitzgerald were the best of friends.

Word lovers will love the story, and those that want to expand their vocabulary will be introduced to thirty new words, with definitions after the story.

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