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Ella and Penguin Stick Together

by Megan Maynor, illustrated by Rosalinde Bennet
HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2016

This first book by Megan Maynor is a hit.  Ella and Penguin are full of character and will delight readers.

Ella shares with Penguin her new special stickers.  Trying to guess what’s special, Penguin asks, “Are they smelly?  Can you eat them?  Do they talk?”  Ella says they glow in the dark, but, together, they stare at a closet door, too afraid of the dark to open it…and so the suspense begins.  Together they try many semi-dark areas until they realize the only option is the dark in the closet.  Pretending she is brave, for Penguin’s sake, Ella baby-steps into the closet, and calls out to Penguin to come in.  Each page is full of BIG emotions or FUN surprises as these friends explore their world and test their mettle.  Readers will easily find new friends with Ella and Penguin.

French artist Rosalinde Bennet brings full, relatable expression to Ella and Penguin with watercolor and pencil renderings.

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