From Wolf to Woof! The Story of Dogs











From Wolf to Woof! The Story of Dogs

by Hudson Talbott
Nancy Paulsen Books, 2016

From Wolf to Woof! Is a wonderful myth for children of how wolves evolved into dogs.

The tale begins with a single, orphaned wolf pup ostracized from the pack.  He encounters another orphan, a boy.  In figuring out how to survive with no adults to guide them, they become ‘friends’.  They soon learn that with the wolf’s nose and the boy’s spear, they can help each other find food.  In time other orphan pups and boys and girls join them. They learn to perfect their teamwork to capture their food. The wolves surround their prey and hunters spear it from a distance.  Working together, they learn to share the food and include everyone.   The myth briefly covers how dogs evolved to serve other needs of people.

Illustrations bring life to the story, and include a few surprises including full page spreads of running wolves and of the first time the boy touched the wolf pup.  A perfect introduction to the history of dogs.

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