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Giant Squid

by Candace Fleming, illustrated by Eric Rohmann
Neal Porter Book, 2016

The giant squid is an animal rarely seen and how it lives and survives is mostly unknown.  In this book, writer and illustrator work together to shroud the giant squid in its mystery, so much so that the story appears on the first five pages before readers reach the title page and all readers see are bits of the squid, just as in real life.  Each part of the squid is described in detail and slowly, ever so slowly we see each part until we reach the eye, which boldly takes up one whole page spread.  Readers learn babies are two inches long and hatch from eggs, but no one knows where the female squid lays them.  The story ends with a spectacular four page fold-out featuring the squid, then on the next page it’s gone.  Masterly written and masterly illustrated in tune with the creature itself.  A brilliant book.

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