Going Places











Going Places

Peter H. and Paul Reynolds
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2014

A book that encourages a child’s imagination to ‘go places.’

Rafael and Maya’s class receive go-cart kits to make for an upcoming race.  Rafael follows the directions perfectly. But Maya sees the world differently, as she sits on the kit’s box, absorbed in drawing a bird. She takes the kit and creates a contraption with wings.  At first Rafael hesitates, but then throws aside the instructions as the two join together to make a flying go-cart. At the starting line, everyone laughs, but the cart soars into the sky and wins the race.  When Rafael and Maya land near a pond, they see the potential for their next project! Another winner by Peter H. Reynolds!  (Other books by award winning Peter H. Reynolds: Ish, and Playing from the Heart)

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