Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth

Good Fortune Cloth










Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth
by Joan Schoettler, illustrated by Jessica Lanan
Shen’s Books, 2011

Ji-su’s mother is chosen to work as a seamstress at the Korean King’s palace and moves away.  Ji-su loves her mother and vows to join her by matching her sewing skills.  Her grandmother continues Ji-su’s training.  So determined to be with her mother, Ji-su is sewing when her friends are playing.  When her work is good, she sends an example to her mother, but her mother never receives it.  Find out where the example is sent and how it results in a visit from the palace.

A story of love and a story of working hard for your goals.  Beautifully rendered illustrations wrap the two into a warm, engaging book.  Lovely.

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