Hannah’s Tall Oder, An A to Z Sandwich

Hannah’s Tall Oder, An A to Z Sandwich
by Linda Vander Heyden,
illustrated by Kayla Harren
Sleeping Bear Press, 2018

Add together a spunky girl, humor and rollicking rhyme and you’ll get a read-aloud delight in Hannah’s Tall Order!

Young Hanna walks into McDougal’s and orders a sandwich with 26 ingredients from A to Z—literally!

Green peppers,” said Hannah.  “Sliced thin, if you please. And drizzle on lots of sweet honey from bees.”

Extra humor is added in the illustrations, as Hannah’s monster sandwich grows and grows and the sandwich maker gets more and more frazzled as Hannah continues her list of items she wants included, and the other customers get more and more amazed and alarmed!

And this book even ends with the funniest twist—which I won’t share.  You must read this book to appreciate all its humor.  A guaranteed kid-pleaser.

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