Here Comes Teacher Cat











Here Comes Teacher Cat
by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Claudia Rueda
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2017

There’s just something charming about Here Comes Teacher Cat.

Cat gets woken up to help out Ms. Melba, the Kitty School teacher, who goes away for the day.  Cat does not want to help.  Reluctantly he goes.  First he tries to get out of it.  When that doesn’t work he goes to the supply cabinet.  Using signs, he tells the class they will do music—until they become too loud. Then he decides to build a fish fountain, and the kids take over and build it.  Then he decides art is the next subject, and pour large tubs of paint and models how to get in one and paint the walls and floor.  But then Ms. Melba is about to return!  Told with minimal words, readers just wait for Cat to get in trouble.  Ink and color pencil drawings with lots of character make it fun to read the pictures.

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