by Claude Ponti
Archipelago Books, 2018
translated from the French

A fantasy story about Hiznobyuti (he’s no beauty), a young creature whose parents pushed him away because he was different.  But the creature had a great imagination and a yearning to be connected with his family despite their faults.  To survive his family, he befriended Martin Clock and lived beneath the kitchen sink.

Here is where his adventures began. He befriended elephants, witches and trees until he learned to communophone (connect with others) and also learned someone on another planet needed him. He and Martin Clock planted a mountain and climbed into outer space where he helped another planet.

When Hiznobyuti returned to earth, he found his home in ruins and his family in despair.  Nothing had gone right for them since they pushed away Hiznobyuti.  But everything got better when Hiznobyuti returned, (forgave his family) and helped them.

This story is rich with symbolism that speaks to its readers’ inner child.  Unlike most ‘thin’ stories published in America, this French story is thick with fantasy plot lines, compelling illustrations, and monster creatures–perfect to spark a child’s imagination and keep the pages turning.

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