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I Yam a Donkey!
By Cece Bell
Clarion Books, 2015

A hilarious book that ends up being a lesson on grammar!  It kind of sneaks up on you.  A brilliant (silly) book!

A silly (dare I say illiterate) donkey declares, “I yam a donkey!”  A yam, obviously a true grammarian, corrects the donkey’s use of words, suggesting he say, “I am a donkey.”  The donkey hears the yam declare that he is a donkey and is most confused.  Between the donkey’s bad grammar and the yam’s grammatical corrections, a hilarious dialogue pursues.  When the yam explains how to conjugate “To Be”, the donkey only gets more confused and thinks all the vegetables are the funniest-looking donkeys he has ever seen.  I won’t share the ending, as it comes as a complete surprise!

Just a plain silly story, perfect for kids learning grammar in school!

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