If Wendell Had a Walrus












If Wendell Had a Walrus
by Lori Mortensen, illustrated by Matt Phelan
Henry Holt and Company, Books for Young Readers

This story follows Wendell’s imagination on his journey to find a walrus.

Wendell saw a cloud shaped like a walrus and his imagination roamed.  He imagined it was real. He gave it a name, told it jokes, and tried to play his favorite games with it, although he soon learned a walrus wasn’t so good at climbing trees. Wendel imagined he’d have “the most stupendiferous, cosmically colossal best time of their lives.”  When Wendell accepted he didn’t have a walrus, he decided to get one and a new journey began.

If Wendell Had a Walrus easily moves from one idea to another, just like an active, young boy’s imagination does.  A delight to read and re-read.  The words and playful illustrations work so well together, readers will feel like they have their own walrus! It’s the kind of book that inspires a child to imagine their own dreams.  A great adventure for young readers.

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