Imogene’s Last Stand

Imogene’s Last Stand
By Candace Fleming, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter
Schwartz & Wade Books, 2009
Amelia Bloomer Award

Join in the passion and relentless tactics of strong-headed history buff Imogine as she uncovers a bit of history that “will put her small town on the map.”

History lover Imogene fights to keep open a centuries-old historical society scheduled for demolition.  But “the new shoelace factory will put Liddleville on the map,” the townspeople say, and nobody pays attention to her.  “I won’t let it happen!” she declares.  “In the immortal words of John Paul Jones, “I have not yet begun to fight!’”  And so begins her appeal.

After several historical, patriotic grandstanding attempts to create interest in saving the site, she discovers a significant historical document.  She has only one day to save the building, and puts a scheme into place. She locks herself in a neck yoke on the building’s front porch to protest the destruction, and buy some time.

Bulldozers and TV reporters arrive; the townspeople gather to see what will happen.  When her dad arrives, the mayor demands he do something about the girl, and her father locks himself into another rack and sits with his daughter.  Midafternoon the President of the United States (a woman, of course) arrives and declares it an historical site.  Imogene succeeded in putting her town on the map!

Imogene’s parting words, “”That was totally fun!

A delicious story for strong, developing girls.

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