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Interstellar Cinderella

by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Meg Hunt
Chronicle Books, 2015

Versions of the Cinderella story come from many countries around the world, and now one version comes from space!  In this version, Cinderella brings her confident, independent self with her!  It’s fun to compare our traditional American version with this modern Interstellar version.

Written in rhyme, it’s fun to turn each page to see what Interstellar space looks like and what Cinderella does next.  Instead of meeting her prince charming at a ball, Cinderella fixes the Prince’s spaceship!  Instead of seeking his love using a glass slipper, the prince uses a sonic socket wrench.  When he asks, “Be my bride,” Cinderella makes a counter-offer!

Children who especially love tools, will love this story.  The end papers feature old and space-age tools to examine.  This updated version truly fits the attitudes most girls have today:  independence and a huge amount of confidence.  A joy to read!

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