Jabari Jumps












Jabari Jumps

by Gaia Cornwall
Candlewick Press, 2017

First time author/illustrator Gaia Cornwall captures the pride, the boasting, the fear, the concentration and the joy of Jabari’s first jump from a diving board.  She also captures Jabari’s dad supporting his son with just the right amount of visibility in the background.  A beautiful book on Jabari’s all important day.

After completing his lessons and passing his swim test, Jabari boldly proclaims, “I’m jumping off the diving board today.”  “Looks easy,” he says, watching other kids jump.  But looking up the tall ladder, he has other thoughts.  He allows other kids to go before him, while he thinks “about what kind of special jump” he wants to do.  When they are no kids left, he starts to climb. His dad gives him an out, suggesting he could take a “tiny rest.”  Jabari thinks, “tomorrow might be a better day for jumping.”

A heartwarming story, perfect for new swimmers.

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