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Jack’s Worry

by Sam Zuppardi
Candlewick Press, 2016

A beautiful portrayal of how worries can cloud over life’s joys, and how they can be faced and tamed.

Jack has been practicing this trumpet for days for his first-ever concert.  But on the morning of the concert a worry appeared in his bedroom.  He tried to hide from it, he tried to run from it, but it followed him and seemed to grow bigger and darker.  When he played his joy, his trumpet, he only made things worse.  Unable to contain his worry, he shouted to his mom, “I don’t want to go!”  In doing so, he found the courage to face his fear and share it with his mom.  By the time he got to the concert, he saw the other kid’s fears and he knew exactly what to do.  Told as much in the loose and moving acrylic and pencil illustrations as in the words, this book can reach and reassure the heart of even the youngest readers as they begin to worry about what’s important to them in life.

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