Jumping Off Library Shelves, A Book of Poems

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Jumping Off Library Shelves, A Book of Poems
selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illustrated by Jane Manning
WordSong, 2015

Jumping Off Library Shelves brims with the hope of dreams, possibilities, and adventures about what can be found in the library.  Beneath the words of each poem, there’s a palpable connection each poet has with the library.  Readers can feel it.  Even the title selection shows that excitement of reading and how the perfect book just seems to jump off the shelf.  Through this collection of library poems, readers can feel each poet’s love of libraries, from racing to the library, to owning a library card, to the magic found in books.  The illustrations, done in gouache and pencil, show the warmth, magic, and richness books bring into reader’s lives.   Poets in this collection include Nikki Grimes, J. Patrick Lewis X.J. Kennedy and more.  A delight for book lovers.

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