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Just Itzy
By Lana Krumwiede, illustrated by Greg Pizzoli
Candlewick Press, 2015

It is Itzy Bitzy’s first day of spindergarten and today he is a ‘big’ spider.  He no longer wants to be called Itzy Bitzy, just Itzy.

In class Itzy learns how to spin a web.  He learns location is important.  His teacher suggests he ‘keep an eye on the fly’ to find the perfect location.  After trying several locations, all of which failed, he’s about to give up building a web.  Feeling sorry for himself, he lays on the ground, until he hears a voice cry out for help!  Quick as a flea, he spins himself a ladder to the roof.  It’s his brother, who is afraid of heights and can’t get down.  When his brother starts down the ladder Itzy built, he cries out, “Holy horseflies!  You spun a web.”  Itzy starts to insist that it’s just a ladder—when he realizes it is a web!  He did it!  He is now called, just “Itzy.”

Friendly illustrations of a young spiderling that capture both the allure and fear of trying to learn how to live in a big kids world.

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