Kaya’s Heart Song

Kaya’s Heart Song  
by Diwa Tharan Sanders, illustrated by Nerina Canzi
Lantana Publishing, 2018

Fascinated with her mama’s singing, Kaya learns that, like her Mama, she has a heart song. On her way out to play, she follows a butterfly that takes her where she’s never been before.  She sees a friend guarding a door.  Behind the door is a carousel of elephants.  Wanting to ride them, Kaya pulls vines from the elephants and begins to hear her heart song and her dream soon comes true.

This is a mystical, magical, musical story that tugs heartstrings, sings to ears and encourages the reader to listen for her own heart song, knowing that with a heart song, anything can happen.

Illustrations in (healing) green with bright spots of color portray a mystical place in Malaysia where magic can happen. Back matter introduces the practice of mindfulness where, when the mind quiets and becomes still, it leaves room for awareness to move in. It encourages living in the present moment.

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