King Aurthur’s Very Great Grandson

King Aurthur’s Very Great Grandson
by Kenneth Kraegel
Candlewick Press, 2012

A whimsical story of a brave, six-year-old Henry who heads out into the world for adventure.  He comes upon a dragon and challenges it with, “BEHOLD, VILE WORM! I, HENRY ALFRED GRUMMORSON, A KNIGHT OF KING AUTHUR’S BLOOD, DO HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU TO A FIGHT TO THE UTTERMOST!”  But when the dragon only blow smoke rings, Henry says, “I have no time for smoke rings!  I want to fight, strength against strength, might against might!”  And he heads off for another monster who will match his challenge.  After facing four fearsome foes, he finds what he was looking for all along…friendship.  Cleverly written, fearsomeness builds upon fearsomeness, and bravery reaches its peak.  A fun adventure that will ignite a child’s dreams and fantasies.

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