Knock Knock, My Dad’s Dream for Me

Knock Knock, My Dad’s Dream for Me
By Daniel Beaty, illustrated by Bryan Collier
Little Brown & Company 2013
Coretta Scott King Award Winner

A young boy plays “Knock Knock” with his father every morning, until one day the boy no longer hears the “Knock Knock.”  Nor the next day, or next.  Thinking his father may be at home while he’s at school, he writes his father a letter.  It sits on his desk for more than two months and then one day his father responds to his son’s letter.  In the briefest of words he instructs his son on the boy’s concerns.  Then he shares, “No longer will I be there to knock on your door, so you must learn to knock for yourself.  Knock Knock down the doors that I could not.  Knock Knock to open new doors to your dreams.”  “Knock Knock” is for any boy who has a missing father and needs encouraging words from a missing father.

Author Daniel Beaty played Knock Knock with his father, until he was incarcerated.  He knows from experience the pain of not having a father to guide him through life.  Illustrator Bryan Collier creates rich portrayals of the loneliness and emptiness—yet hope—of missing a father.

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