Last Stop on Market Street

Last Stop on Market Street
by Matt De La Pena, illustrated by Christian Robinson
G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2015

A beautiful story of love and a young boy’s inquisitive nature.

After church a young boy and his grandmother wait for the bus.  The boy waves good bye to his friend who boards a car.  When he asks why they don’t have a car, the grandmother asks what they need a car for when they have a bus that breathes fire.  The boy studies the others already on the bus; his grandmother encourages him to greet them.  Being a normal boy he complains about having to go somewhere every Sunday after church, but the grandmother says she only feels sorry for his friends for they will “never get a chance to meet Bob or the Sunglass Man.”  The grandmother reframes each sight and moment for her grandson to appreciate what they have.  They finally arrive at the end of the line where they volunteer to help others.

An endearing story on how a wise grandmother helps her young grandson learn to appreciate the good things in his life.  Author Matt De La Pena has an eye for the emotional details of a good story.  Brilliant.

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