Little Red Gliding Hood

littleRedLittle Red Gliding Hood
by Tara Lazar, illustrated by Troy Cummings
Random House, 2015

Little Red Gliding Hood takes a traditional childhood story and spins it into an entirely new, surprising adventure.

Little Red Gliding Hood’s (Little Red) ice skates are dirtied and white and she won’t be able to wear them much longer.  Worried how she will visit her grandmother, she passes a sign touting an ice skating contest.  But the contest requires a partner and she doesn’t have one.

Her grandmother suggests she asks one of the three little pigs.  When she calls out, “Little pigs, little pigs, let me in!”, someone taps on her shoulder and claims, “I think that was my line.”  Turning, Little Red shrieks in fear and sprints away.  The wolf yells, “Hey, glide back here!”  Suddenly Little Red’s skate falls off and she flies into the air, until the wolf catches her.  The wolf explains he had tried to tell her that her skate was untied.  Then he praised her saying she is a super skater.  Suddenly Little Red has a brilliant idea and we find the ‘team’ in the skating contest.

Children will enjoy following Little Red in this contemporary new adventure and have fun pointing out nursery rhyme and storybook characters nestled in the illustrations.

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