Lost. Found.













Lost. Found.

By Marsha Diane Arnold, illustrated by Matthew Cordell
Neal Porter Books, 2015

This is a clever, interactive book that kids can tell the story with their own words.

Only two words, ‘Lost’ and ‘Found’, are used and the illustrations tell the rest of the story.  The story is about a red scarf that is lost by a bear and found by raccoons, but lost then found by a beaver, but lost then found by an otter, etc.  Lost by several more forest animals, they all circle around the lost scarf.  Each wanting it for their own, they jump at it to make it theirs.  This, of course, ruins everything and a pile of yarn lays on the snow-covered ground.  Remorsefully, they each gather a pile and sit together to knit another red scarf—which becomes long enough for everyone to enjoy!

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