Lost in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy

Lost in the Woods:  A Photographic Fantasy
By Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick
Carl R. Sams II Photography, Inc., 2004

A true collaboration of art forms, photographer Carl R. Sams and writer Jean Stoick hobble together a story of a newborn fawn and his first few months in the woods.  The story is primarily told through comments made by other wildlife.  The mouse thinks, “I think he’s lost.  Just let him sleep.”  The tree frog, camouflaged on the tree bark, tells the fawn, “Well done,” when he successfully lies still keeping himself unseen by two youngsters who happened by.  The squirrel and dragonfly offer to bring food.  In time, mother returns to feed her youngster, reminding him to practice walking, but not wander too far.  After several months, when many new spring animals have grown, we meet a baby raccoon clinging to a branch, claiming, “I can, I know I can!”  He meets a chickadee crying out that he’s fledging tomorrow.  Then, finally, the red-winged blackbird shrieks, “It’s time!  It’s time!” and fawn’s mother returns and they leave to introduce fawn to his world.

An endearing story bringing together clear photography of birds and animals in action.  The book was the winner of the 2005 Independent Publisher Award.

If you have a nature loving reader or one interested in photography, this is a must read.  The creative team has also collaborated on other books, including, Winter Friends, Babies of the Wild, and First Snow in the Woods.

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