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Love, Santa
by Martha Brockenbrough, illustrated by Lee White
Arthur A Levine Books, 2017

This book is sure to become a classic, as it dispels the myth of Santa in a loving, affirming way.  It will be a hit with kids, as half the pages invite children to open letters tucked inside envelopes.

Beginning when Lucy was five, she wrote a letter to Santa, and Santa wrote back. When she was six, she wrote another letter, and Santa wrote back.  When she was seven, she started a letter, but…asking for stuff didn’t matter as much.  By the time she was eight, she suspected that Santa was not real and the presents had come from mom.  Her mother wrote a letter back explaining Santa’s job is not to deliver presents, but to help us ‘believe’. Her mother tells Lucy she is now on Santa’s team. A touching story that reframes ‘Santa’ in a new, fresh way.

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