by Matt De La Pena, illustrated by Loren Long
P. Putnam’s Sons, 2018

Award winning Matt De La Pena captures the essence of love shared between people in each verse in his book, Love. And illustrator Loren Long expands and enriches each page with his own scenes showing love, like when a child offer’s his hot dog to an older gentle with crutches or a father and daughter dancing on the roof of their trailer.  The book is chock full of love throughout. In bright, glorious colors and soft, poetic descriptions, readers, without knowing, absorb multiple examples of love on each page. Some scenes are endearing, some are regular, like playing in the streets. Some are unhappy, like when there’s an argument.  Love depicts a wide array of moments of love among family, friends and neighbors.

“Your loved ones will stand there like
puddles beneath their umbrellas, …”

“A love that wakes at dawn and
rides to work on the bus.”

Rendered in poetry and colorful action scenes that often jump off the page, Love will expand a reader’s understanding and vocabulary about love.

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