Mama Seeton’s Whistle

WhistleMama Seeton’s Whistle
By Jerry Spinelli
illustrated by LeUyen Pham
Little Brown and Company, 2015

A young toddler can’t be found and a frantic mom puckers up and gives a two-note whistle.  Her son appears.  With that success, she starts using the whistle to call her family to dinner and it soon becomes a tradition to whistle each night and serve her family a chocolate cake for dessert.
As the kids get older and further away in the neighborhood, the same two-note whistle calls them in.  Eventually the kids grow up and move away and the mother misses her family.  One day at dinner, her husband–just for fun–encourages her to whistle like the old days.  Somehow that whistle is heard and her family appears within a few days from far and wide.  Sitting as a family, they enjoy their mother’s chocolate cake!

A wonderful story featuring a favorite family tradition.  I imagine kids will make this generational story a favorite.  Uyen Pham’s detailed illustrations include dozens of activities a typical family of kids do in their day; readers are sure to find themselves in the pictures.

Picture book stories are getting so brief these days, it was refreshing to read this story about a loving family tradition.  Perfect for children with a large family.

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