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Maya’s Blanket

by Monica Brown, illustrated by David Diaz
Lee & Low Books, 2015

Following the tradition of the Yiddish folk song about an overcoat that is made into smaller and smaller items, Maya Morales has a special blue and green with purple butterflies blanket (manta) made by her Abuelita, which eventually becomes frayed on the edges.  Maya, with the help of her Abuelita, uses the material to make herself a dress (vestido).  It gets stained at a party and Maya makes it into a skirt (falda).  Smaller and smaller remakes occur until she loses the final remake, a bookmark.  At this point, she decides to write a story about her manta, and writes this book.  While the story is not new, incorporating Spanish culture and a girl who makes her own new items with the help of her Abuelita, makes this a love-filled story.  The book is written in both English and Spanish.

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