by Alison Oliver
Clarion Books, 2018

Living a frenzied life, Moon wonders what it would be like if she were free (from homework, lessons, practice, cleaning, etc.)  That night she saw a shooting star and went outside to look for more.  She found paw prints that were strange, exciting and wild. A furry creature stared at her—a wolf.  She crawled on its back and ran through the forest.  She learned to pounce, play, howl and she learned to be still, listen and feel. She learned to be wild. Though she returned home, she took her wolfy ways with her and remained happy.

Moon brings a sweet taste of wildness and a fantasy break from a child’s hectic day. Readers will learn how one girl became one with the wolf and her (wild) ways, suggesting they, too, can find their inner wildness.

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