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My Dad at the Zoo
by Coralie Saudo, illustrated by Kris DiGiacomo
Enchanted Lion Books, 2016
Originally published in France.

A hilarious story of what happens when a son and dad switch roles.

Most of the time dad is great, until Sundays.  When he wakes, he wakes everyone and cries to go to the zoo.  He pretends he’s a camel and gallops to the ticket window.  He flirts with flamingos, patters like the penguins and terrorizes the turtles.  And even though his son explains it’s too early, Dad has a meltdown screaming for ice cream.  But the worst is the souvenir shop.  Son holds “Dad’s hand with all my might, trying to keep him from going in. But Dad is still bigger and stronger than me.”

The muted illustrations totally capture Dad’s childlike antics, bringing a chuckle to every page.  Both adult and child readers will enjoy this one.

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