My Grandfather’s Coat (A Contemporary “Recycling” Story!)

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My Grandfather’s Coat
By Jim Aylesworth, illustrated by Barbara McClintock
Scholastic Press, 2014
Sydney Taylor Book Award Winner

Expecting the traditional tale of My Grandfather’s Coat, where grandfather’s coat is transformed into a jacket, a vest and a tie, I was surprised and delighted at the story’s new, fresh ending!  And illustrator Barbara McClintock did a beautiful job of breaking the story into spreads with large drawings and scattered small drawings, highlighting Jim Aylesworth’s rhymes and repetition.  Plenty to delight a young listener into this multi-generational story that emphasizing families and thriftiness.

While the story has always focused on being frugal, in today’s world of recycling cans, food, and cloth, the story underscores the message that we use our resources until there is nothing to send to the landfill!  A wonderful message!

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