My New Mom and Me













My New Mom and Me

by Renata Galindo
Schwartz & Wade Books, 2016

In simple, muted colors, author/illustrator Renata Galindo shows how a newly adopted child (shown as a dog) adjusts to his new mother (shown as a cat).  At first the dog tries to look like his new mother, and the mother assures him he doesn’t need ‘fixing’ and that she likes that they are different.  The child plays with his mom and lets her take care of him.  Sometimes she makes him do things that make him mad and he doesn’t like her at that moment, but Mom assures him that they will be okay and they both must try harder.  They agree that they are learning how to be a family.  The story is nurturing, loving, understated and simply told so a young child who is adopted, or a friend of someone who is adopted, can grasp the subtleties of their new situation.

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