Nanette’s Baguette











Nanette’s Baguette

by Mo Willems
Hyperion Books for Children, 2016

Mo Willems has done it again with this delightful, must-read-aloud book.  The title hints that rhyming may be involved and it is absolutely true.  Mo finds more than twenty words that rhyme with Nanette and Baguette—he must have made the story around all the rhyming words!

Nanette’s mom asks her to go to the bakery and buy a baguette—it’s the first time Nanette has been trusted with such an important task.  Along the way, she meets her friends—will she forget the baguette?  No, she perseveres.  She buys the warm, wonderful smelling baguette which lures her into taking a small, small nibble.  Before she knows it, Nanette has no baguette!  Her life gets miserable for failing on such a responsibility.  With deep dread, she goes home and tells her mom.  Mom and Nanette return to the bakery for a very surprising ending!

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