Nerdy Birdy Tweets

Nerdy Birdy Tweets
by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Matt Davies
A Neal Porter Book, 2017

Young and old will delight in this story that works in humor, as well as real-life social media issues, on many levels.

Nerdy Birdy discovers a new online game (social media) called “Tweetster”. In a short time he has fifty new Tweetster friends.  The more excited Nerdy Birdy gets, the gloomy his best friend Vulture gets. Vulture reminds Nerdy Birdy he could eat him in one bite, but Nerdy Birdy is so attached to the game, he absently says, “Mm-Hm. That’s nice.”  Vulture left, and that’s when Nerdy Birdy started to miss his friend.  The next day Vulture surprised his friend with a tweet!  They tweeted together all morning. After lunch an embarrassing picture of Vulture appeared. Nerdy Birdy thought it was funny, but Vulture was so mad, he left.

This story is a delight to read and, if parents or teachers like, could open the door to discussions about social media and the value of “real” friends.  The illustrations, rendered in pen and ink and watercolor, humorously features tiny Nerdy Birdy juxtaposed with humongous Vulture.

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