by Loren Long
Philomel Books 2009

This heartfelt story of an old tractor who is the only one who can save a calf became a classic when it hit the stores.

Otis, an old farm tractor, befriends a calf. They leap-frog hay bales, play ring-around-the-rosy with ducks, and sit together under the apple tree. Then one day the farmer brings in a new, bigger, yellow tractor and Otis is sent behind the barn. Forgotten, weeds begin to cover Otis’ tires. The calf tries to get Otis to play, like in the old days, but Otis is too sad. One day the calf gets stuck in the mud! Farm hands try to pull him out, the yellow tractor tries to pull him out, even firemen try to pull him out, but the calf only gets more and more scared and sinks further in the mud. Then the calf hears a familiar puttering purr! Happy to see his best friend, the calf follows his friend as Otis circles the pond. Soon the calf gets himself out. Otis is a heart-warming story of best friends.

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