Pablo Finds a Treasure













Pablo Finds a Treasure

by Andree Poulin, illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant
Annick Press, 2016

A poignant story about Pablo and his sister Sofia who survive by going to the garbage dump every day to salvage recyclable waste.  A glimpse into a life most of us do now know, but plenty of children across the world do.

Bickering, like most brother and sisters do, Pablo and Sofia scurry off to treasure mountain.  The truck is coming!  Sofia rushes to the front.  Sofia finds a blue boot.  When Pablo says it’s too big, she says, “That’s good.  You can wear it longer.”  They cull through the garbage looking for scraps of paper and plastic their mother can sell for recycling.  If they get enough, maybe their mama can buy half a chicken for dinner.  Pablo finds a book and yearns to read, but practical Sofia scoffs, “Reading won’t fill your stomach!”

Pablo finds a gold chain.  Maybe he can get a book.  Soon Filthy-Face arrives and all the children flee like wild rabbits.  Sofia gets away, but Filthy-Face snatches Pablo’s things.  Sofia is angry he did not give the chain to her and now it is gone, but is it?

A refreshing look into the lives of the very poor and how they find their own joy and happiness.  Ideal for discussions.

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