Possum Magic

Possum Magic
By Mem Fox, illustrated by Julie Vivas
Harcourt, 1983

Possum Magic is a best seller in Australia, written by their beloved children’s writer Mem Fox.

Hush and Grandma Poss live in a tree.  Grandma Poss knows magic to turn wombats blue and kookaburras pink.  But best of all, she turns Hush invisible, to protect her from the dangers of the bush, like hungry snakes!  One day, Hush wonders what she looks like, for she cannot see herself in the pond.  Grandma Poss searches her books for the removal spell, but cannot find it.  She remembers it has something to do with food, human food.  So they ride a bicycle to Australia’s major cities, trying out Anzac biscuits, monray and Minties.  Nothing works, so they head off to cities in the far north.  Find out what Australian foods she eats to regain her visibility.

Possum Magic’s whimsical illustrations are endearing to readers.  The story is a great way to introduce young readers to Australia, the animals and foods different than those in the states.  It includes a glossary explaining Australian terms, and a map showing the cities and foods.

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