Priscilla Gorilla

Priscilla Gorilla
by Barbara Bottner, illustrated by Michael Emberley
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2017

This brilliant, well-rounded story has it all: an impishly, strong girl who knows her gorilla facts, a creative spirit who lives what she believes, and someone who spends a lot of time in the Thinking Corner!

Priscilla has her dad read All About Gorillas—about a million skillion times! Believing that gorillas always get their way, each moment of each day she thinks, dances, draws, and writes about gorillas. While this works well when the class is invited to wear costumes of their favorite animal, it doesn’t work so well on photo day, and she is sent to the Thinking Corner.  Within a couple days the Thinking Corner becomes crowded!  Her dad reminds Priscilla that Gorillas cooperate.  When Priscilla declares she is a troublemaker gorilla, her dad questions that maybe she could be another animal—like a skunk.  Priscilla reviews her book and tells her teacher her book says “even gorillas don’t always get their way.”  The story ends with a trip to the Ape House and a whole bunch of dancing.

Patient parents and a generous, yet firm, teacher, help gently guide Priscilla into re-thinking her gorilla qualities and Priscilla decides there is more than one kind of gorilla!  A lot of learning going on in this story, including many facts about gorillas.

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