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Puddle Pug
by Kim Norman, illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi
Sterling Children’s Books, 2014

Puddle Pug is a rare treat of a story of a young Pug who loves puddles, but isn’t allowed in the ‘perfect’ puddle.

Written with light, lyrical prose, we follow a pug who adores puddles, “swamp puddles, stomp  puddles, ready-for-a-romp puddles.”  Although he enjoys almost every puddle imaginable, one day he discovers the perfect puddle, but it belongs to a mother pig and her piglets.  Mother Pig does not like the intruder in with her babies, and makes it clear Pug must leave.  Pug makes several attempts to slip in, but Mother always catches him.

One day, a storm appears and a tree limb falls in the puddle.  Mother Pig cannot find her youngest piglet—but Pug has a way!  The happy, fun illustrations reflect Pug’s personality as he romps from one puddle to another.  Discover how the artist makes each puddle unique.

If you like to sing, try these books by Kim Norman.

If It’s Snowy and You Know It, Clap Your Paws!
Illustrated by Liza Woodruff, 2013
Love-love-love this one!  The poetry and rhymes are brilliant! And it’s so much fun to sing-read!

Ten on a Sled
Illustrated by Liza Woodruff, 2010
(Teachers use this one as a skit.)

This Old Van
Illustrated by Carolyn Digby Conahan, 2015

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