Quiet Wyatt, Super Shy—or Superhero?













Quiet Wyatt, Super Shy—or Superhero?
by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Arthur Howard
Clarion Books, 2018

Wyatt, a quiet boy, is paired with Noreen on a field trip; Noreen is anything but quiet.  Noreen boldly goes where she has never gone before, and Wyatt reluctantly follows, quietly.  He often takes the brunt of Noreen’s antics.  She thinks she’s good at noticing the details, while Wyatt notices many, many more details.  Wyatt doesn’t say much, until something happens where he could not stay quiet. Using his voice and his personal strengths, he saves Noreen, and they become friends. (You’ll have to find out ‘how’.)

Perfect book for quiet children, where they are the hero.

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