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Raindrops Roll

by April Pulley Sayre
Beach Lane Books, 2015

Introducing creatures in their natural habitat, Raindrops Roll engages children to wonder what it might be like to live in the rain.  Photographer/Artist April Pulley Sayre blends loosely rhyming word descriptions with richly detailed photos to show nature’s experience of rain.  We see mini-showcases of grasshoppers, fireflies, leaves, birds, and lizards glistening in the beauty of wetness.

I don’t have many words for this book, but I am so attracted to it; I had to write a review.  Perhaps it’s because I’m from Seattle where rain is familiar and I want to savor each photo.  My imagination wonders how the author came to choose the minimal words used and what words would I have chosen.  It’s a great book to dwell upon on a rainy day.

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