Rosie Sprout’s Time to Shine

Rosie Sprout’s Time to Shine

By Allison Wortche, illustrated by Patrice Barton
Alfred A Knopf, 2011

A beautiful story showing how to accept one’s gifts and let others be who they are, even if you don’t always like it.  That’s just who they are.  It’s also a story about the quieter child who out shines the class’s ‘best at everything’ classmate.

Rosie’s classmate, Violet, is the best everything and let’s you know it in no uncertain terms.  Rosie doesn’t like it.  At school they decorate pots and plant a seed.  Violet claims her pot is the sparkliest.  When they start to spout, Violet claims hers is the first to grow.  To show her up, the next day Rosie gets more dirt and buries Violet’s plant a little.    Now Rosie’s looks like the best.  Rosie worries she’ll be caught, but that day Violet stayed home with the chicken pox.  Rosie started feeling bad for Violet’s plant and decided to care for it.  She cared for both plants. Rosie’s two plants were the tallest.  Rosie is proud when the teacher claims Rosie is the best gardener.  Soon Violet returns and claims her plant is the tallest, until she sees Rosie’s plant.  Finding out whose it was and learning it was Rosie who cared for her plant while she was gone, Violet claimed, “mine’s still the sparkliest!”  Rosie looked at the teacher, and the teacher looked at her and they smiled.

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