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Rufus the Writer

by Elizabeth Bram, illustrated by Chuck Groenink
Schwartz & Wade, 2015

A perfect book for aspiring writers!

Instead of a lemonade stand, Rufus sets up a ‘story’ stand and sells stories he writes.  As his friends come by, he offers them a story in exchange for something from nature, so there is no money exchanging hands.  However, for anyone hoping to be an author, they will read the four stories he writes and find a very satisfying ending.

Rufus’ stories are simple ones, inspired by his friend’s requests.  Indirectly readers learn the story doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but must please their friends.  When his friends return to get their stories at the end of the day, they sit together and eagerly savor the stories he’s custom written for them.   A pleasing story filled with imagination and inspiration for dreamers.

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