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Samanthasaurus Rex

by B. B. Mandell, illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman
Balzer & Bray, 2016

A family of T-Rex’s, what could be better for a five year old?  Samanthasaurus is a gentle soul who likes to paint, design and talk and her family doesn’t really understand her.  They tell her she needs to be strong, a leader and make noise, but Samanthasaurus is comfortable in her own skin.  Her family go on a hike and Samanthasaurus weaves vines into rope, discovers a shiny diamond and explores how to ‘harness’ energy.  As her family climbs the mountain, she figures out the mountain is a volcano and her family is in danger.  She uses the items she found to save her family and her family sees her in a new way. This story blends the ancient with new, modern concepts (harnessing energy!) while encouraging young readers to be who they are, for that is where they will find their true strength.

While the story is filled with dangers, illustrator Suzanne Kaufman expertly paints the dinosaurs in pastels and keeps smiles on everyone’s faces to keep the story light-hearted.

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