Samurai Santa, A Very Ninja Christmas










Samurai Santa, A Very Ninja Christmas
by Rubin Pingk
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2015

A super-active, tall tale for the holidays.

On Christmas Eve Yukio dressed for snow and decided the snowfall was perfect and he needed to have an EPIC snowball fight.  He checked with his other ninja friends, but they knew Santa was on his way and they had to remain good.  Yukio decided Santa must be chased away!

He set up an ambush.  When Santa appeared, Yukio banged the loudest gong and shouted “Intruder!”  The sleepy ninjas chased the bright red intruder, wondering who he was.  They looked everywhere but could not find him.  Suddenly an army of snowmen and a samurai yelled, “Banzai!” and the ninjas and snowmen clashed.  It was Epic!  But when the tired ninjas returned home, they blamed Yukio for chasing Santa away.  A wonderful surprise ending follows.

In black, white, red and grays, this barely looks like a traditional Christmas story, but super active—and especially ninja—youngsters will love the turns and twists in this tall tale.

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