Scarlett the Cat to the Rescue: Fire Hero

 Scarlett the Cat to the Rescue: Fire Hero
By Nancy Loewen, illustrated by Kristin Sorra
Picture Window Books, A Capstone Imprint, 2014

This book is based on a true story of Scarlett who rescued her five kittens by carrying them one by one out of a raging fire.  Animals, especially cats, do not generally return to a fire once they are out, yet Scarlett did four times.  When a fireman discovered five kittens, he looked for the mother and found her across the alley in a vacant lot, her paws, eyes and face burned.  Rushed to an animal clinic, a team worked on all six patients.  Their lungs were damaged by smoke and they were contained in a large oxygen tent to keep them alive.

After three months in the clinic, the kittens were old enough to find their own homes.  But Scarlett was a special needs cat, requiring daily eye drops for the rest of her life.  After careful consideration, they found the perfect home seeking an animal with special needs.

The computer-generated illustrations by Kristin Sorra perfectly support the story, featuring the felines in a scarlett-toned smoky haze giving the appearance and feel that they were in the fire.  Readers will have instant compassion for the cats whose expressions reveal their emotions.  A wonderful book for animal lovers.

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