by Tony Johnston, illustrated by Wendell Minor
A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Brook Press, 2014

I love being in forests and when I read Sequoia, I had to re-read it.  In its poetic voice, it breath-takingly describes being a Sequoia.  It stretches the reader’s imagination of what it’s like being thousands of years old, towering above everything else.  As readers, we watch birds in flight at eye level, touch the stars, and listen to a single bumble bee buzz in the quiet.  Using a few words, award-winning author Tony Johnston opens the Sequoia’s world to readers,

“He feels
in his ringed
the earth grow

I read it a dozen times the first day I found it.  If a child has an opportunity to visit a Sequoia, it’s a must read.  I was not raised with Sequoia, and I related the descriptions to the firs and pines of my home state.  Sequoia is one of those rare inspiring books on nature.

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