Shh! We Have a Plan

Shh!  We Have a Plan
by Chris Haughton
Candlewick Press, 2014

Three large forms, with a little one tagging along, are out on a hunt.  Ever so serious, the three move toward their prey, a colorful bird perched in a bush.  When seeing the pretty bird, the little one calls out, “Hello birdie!” and the three tell him, “Shh!  We have a plan.”  In the next scene we see their plan, and in the next scene we, and the little observant one, watch it fail.  Relentless, the three continue hunting the bird, now perched in a tree.  The little one greets the bird, and, again is told “Shh!”  Of course the three fail, and fail again when hunting the bird on a branch over water.  The little one tagging along, of course, greets every animal.  After the third miss, the little one offers his bread to a bird.  The bird accepts.  Then two birds accept.  Then three birds.  Soon there is a whole flock of birds surrounding the little one.  Then the three hunters see the birds, but this time a surprise turn-about-in-play occurs!

A delightfully simple tale where the youngest readers will cheer the littlest one who “knows” and has it over the larger—and presumably older—others.

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