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Sir Simon, Super Scarer
by Cale Atkinson
Tundra Books, 2018

A determined, pragmatic ghost with a business card—what could be cuter?

Sir Simon, a young ghost, talks frankly with readers, introducing them to the practice of ghosting.  After sharing many places where he practicing his scare technique, he shares he’s just been promoted to his first haunted house!  But a haunted house requires doing more Ghost chores.  He explains the chores and the potential “scarees.”  But then a kid shows up.  Kids aren’t supposed to live in old, haunted houses, and this one is anything but quiet.  Then Sir Simon decides to train the kid to do Ghost chores.  The kid fails miserably.

Humorous illustrations appear on every page to tickle the alert reader’s funny bone in this unexpected friendship story.  Not limited to Halloween readings, this story holds its own year-round.

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