Stephanie’s Ponytail













Stephanie’s Ponytail
by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Matchenke
Annick Press, 1996

Stephanie decides to wear her hair in a ponytail to school and everyone makes fun of her; but the next day, everyone shows up wearing a ponytail.  She wears a ponytail off to the side the next day and, again, everyone makes fun of her; but the next day they show up wearing ponytails off to the side.  Stephanie wears one on top if her head and in front of her face.  When they continue to copy her, she yells they are a bunch of brainless copycats and vows that tomorrow she will return with a shaved head.  If you’re familiar with Robert Munsch’s humorous books (such as The Paperbag Princess), you’ll guess what happens next.  A classic, funny Munsch book.

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